Identify High-impact aI use Cases to maximise AI potential

High-impact AI Use Cases in 4-weeks

The business case for AI Use Case Discovery

Why use case discovery is crucial?

AI presents great business opportunities, but most of the organisations who have made significant investments in AI have not reported their business gains with AI. According to Gartner and IBM, many organisations underestimate AI complexity, resulting in a failure to deliver business value due to unclear objectives, difficulty in finding the right AI use cases that align with business objectives, and poor management. Hence, strong expertise and research is needed to identify and prioritise AI use cases to determine the functional requirements for building the BlackBox and interweaving data and machine learning algorithms for successful AI delivery.

Benefits of AI Use Case Discovery

“Don’t waste time on AI for AI’s sake. Be motivated by what it will do for you, not by how sci-fi it sounds.”

 Cassie Kozyrkov, Chief Decision Scientist at Google

Find high-impact AI Use Cases

AI use case discovery in 4-weeks

We work with your team to review your goals and ideas by taking a deep dive into your customer experiences, processes, data and infrastructure to understand the big picture and solve your business challenges through data insights, socio-technical systems approach and human-centric AI design thinking. We organise multiple workshops and interviews with your key stakeholders to uncover use cases.

Maximise AI Potential

Why Esdha for use case discovery?

Most organisations use AI tools to find problem areas for identifying use cases. This misses the human-element, thus failing to solve the right problem. At Esdha, we use both quantitative and qualitative studies to help you find the right uses and prioritise them. We do this using an amalgamation of three areas:

Data Insights

Use AI tools to carry out assessment of your people, process and technology to identify uses cases.

Socio-technical Systems

We consider the entire AI system, end to end, the social and technical dimensions of AI development and use case, and the interactions between them. 

Human-centric AI Design Thinking

To understand your users geography, needs, pain-points to help you prioritise use cases and innovate responsibly while also delivering business value.

Benefits of Customised use cases Discovery

Drive long-term value

  • Identify problems areas and AI opportunities
  • Visualise the complexity of the systems
  • Understand issues, processes, user experience and challenges
  • A prioritised list of use cases from high to low impact and complexity with project ROI

Medical And Healthcare Services

Fintech, Banking, and Finance

Government And Public Sector

InsurTech and Insurance

Our Experiences

Industries we work for use case discovery

With our customised service we help you identify and prioritise AI uses cases in healthcare, finance, insurance and government.

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FAQ: AI Use Cases

You can get started with use case discovery at any stage of your AI journey. Use case discovery is typically conducted during the early stages of AI implementation, where you identify and explore potential areas within your organization where AI can add value.

Yes, we provide assistance to organisations that are new to AI. We offer guidance, support, and customised solutions to help you navigate the AI landscape, understand its implications, and develop responsible AI practices from the start. Our expertise in AI governance and human-centred design allows us to assist organisations at any stage of their AI journey, including those who are just beginning their AI initiatives.

Use case discovery serves as a structured and systematic approach to ensure that your chosen use cases are well-aligned with your organization’s needs, opportunities, and resources. It helps you mitigate risks, uncover hidden opportunities, and prioritize your AI initiatives for maximum impact and success.

We provide use case discovery services both online and offline, tailoring the approach based on the specific needs and preferences of our clients. This ensures flexibility and accessibility, allowing organizations to engage in the use case discovery process in a way that best suits their requirements and circumstances.

Absolutely! We understand that identifying the right use cases for AI can be challenging, and we’re here to assist you. Our team at ESDHA specializes in use case discovery and AI strategy. We will work closely with you to understand your unique organizational needs, goals, and challenges. Through a collaborative process, we’ll leverage our expertise and industry knowledge to help you identify the most promising use cases where AI can drive value and impact within your organization. Together, we’ll navigate the complexities, explore possibilities, and uncover the untapped potential of AI. Let’s embark on this journey of discovery and transformation together.

At ESDHA, we leverage a human-centered design approach and socio-technical systems analysis to prioritize use cases effectively. By understanding the needs, goals, and preferences of users, as well as the broader social and technological context, we can identify use cases that have the greatest potential for positive impact. This involves conducting user research, stakeholder engagement, and evaluating the feasibility and scalability of each use case. Through this holistic approach, we ensure that the prioritized use cases align with user needs, organizational objectives, and societal considerations.

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