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The business case for AI Strategy

Why aI strategy is crucial?

According to Gartner, 85% of AI projects fail due to inadequate AI strategy and maturity. According to the Accenture AI Maturity survey, less than 3% of organisations in finance and healthcare are considered ‘AI Achievers’. AI maturity includes technology capabilities and considers organisational strategy, AI governance, and strategic alignment. Organisations must create an AI strategy for sustainable AI transformation.

Benefits of AI Use Case Discovery

"Harnessing machine learning can be transformational, but for it to be successful, enterprises need leadership from the top. This means understanding that when machine learning changes one part of the business — the product mix, for example — then other parts must also change."

Erik Brynjolfsson, director of the MIT initiative on the digital economy

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4-Easy steps to Strategic Alignment

AI Strategy for scaling

1. Contact Us

Contact us to schedule a meeting.

2. Let's discuss

We'll have a 30-60 minute discussion to understand your organisation's AI readiness, goals, vision and requirements.

3. Co-Create

Based on our discussion, we'll conduct various meetings, interviews and workshops to collate various stakeholder views for strategic alignment.

4. AI Strategy

Create strategic alignment to scale across the organisation.

Breakdown silos in your organisation

Customised AI Strategy Service

AI strategy development is an iterative process. It’s essential to continuously evaluate, refine, and adapt your strategy as you gain insights and progress in your AI journey. We work with your team to review your goals and ideas by deeply diving into your customer experiences, processes, data and infrastructure to understand the big picture and solve your business challenges through a socio-technical systems approach and human-centric AI design thinking. We organise multiple workshops and interviews with your key stakeholders to co-create AI strategy.

Human-Centred Approach

Our human-centric approach to understanding your organisational goals, objectives, prioritise, risks and challenges for creating strategic alignment. 

Socio-technical systems

We consider the entire AI system, end to end, the social and technical dimensions of AI development and use case, and the interactions between them. 

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With our customised AI strategy service you set the foundation for leveraging AI’s potential and driving positive outcomes for your organisation.

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FAQ: AI Strategy for Transformation

Getting started with AI strategy depends on your organisation’s readiness and specific goals. However, having an AI strategy before implementation will provide you and your team with a clear vision and roadmap.

Even during the experimentation phase, an AI strategy provides clarity, focus, risk mitigation, scalability, stakeholder alignment, and a framework for learning and improvement. It helps you make the most of your AI experiments and sets the stage for successful AI implementation in the future.

While an AI strategy provides a high-level vision and roadmap for AI adoption across the organization, a business case is a more detailed analysis focused on a specific AI project or initiative, aiming to justify its investment and evaluate its feasibility and potential impact. Both are essential components for successful AI implementation, with the AI strategy guiding the overall direction and the business case supporting decision-making for individual projects.

An AI strategy typically includes the organisation’s vision for AI, goals and objectives, a roadmap for implementation, resource allocation plans, AI ethics and governance for addressing, and a plan for talent acquisition and upskilling.

We provide AI strategy both online and offline, tailoring the approach based on the specific needs and preferences of our clients. This ensures flexibility and accessibility, allowing organisations to engage in the AI strategy creation process in a way that best suits their requirements and circumstances.

An AI strategy should be a living document that is regularly reviewed and updated to adapt to evolving technologies, market trends, and organizational goals. It is recommended to review the AI strategy at least annually or when significant changes occur within the organization or the AI landscape.

Developing an AI strategy involves input from various stakeholders, including senior leadership, technology and data experts, business leaders, and relevant departments within the organisation.

An AI strategy can drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency, improve decision-making, and create new business opportunities. It ensures that AI initiatives are aligned with the organisation’s values, mitigate risks, and maximise the benefits of AI adoption.

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