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AI Governance Strategy Is Not A Choice, But A Neccesity

The business case for creating responsible AI governance strategy

Why your organisation needs an AI Governance Strategy?

AI governance differs from standard IT governance practices as it is concerned with the responsible use of AI by defining policies and establishing accountability throughout the AI lifecycle. AI governance offers a range of potential principles to adhere to fairness, explainability, robustness, transparency, and privacy. In a survey by IBM, 85% of surveyed consumers, citizens, and employees indicated that organisations must address AI ethics. However, less than 20% of executives strongly agree that their AI ethics actions meet their stated governance principles and values. This gap increases the possibility of failure and exposes companies to regulatory, financial and reputational risks, such as the EU AI Act and the Canada Data and AI Act, which can result in significant financial and criminal penalties. Organisations need to address AI ethics by creating a comprehensive AI governance strategy that encompasses people, processes, and technology to help businesses make consistent and transparent decisions about when, where and how to use AI across the business and establish policies based on corporate values, ethical principles, regulations and laws.

Benefits of Responsible AI Governance Strategy

“Data ethics aren’t a cost of doing business; they are an investment in good business.”

Terry Hickey, former Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Enterprise Data, CIBC

Getting started with AI Governance Strategy

Future proof your organisation: AI Governance Strategy in 4-Weeks

We work with your team to review your goals and ideas by taking a deep dive into your customer experiences, processes, data and infrastructure to understand the big picture and solve your business challenges through data insights, socio-technical systems approach and human-centric AI design thinking. We organise multiple workshops and interviews with your key stakeholders to collaborate and co-create strategies to minimise risks.

What does Esdha's AI governance strategy Include?

Collaborate & Co-create AI Governance Strategy that is right for your organisation

An AI governance strategy includes guidelines for data privacy and security, bias and fairness considerations, transparency and explainability of AI systems, accountability mechanisms, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Implementing processes and controls for AI governance strategy involves putting in place mechanisms to ensure compliance, manage risks, and monitor the behaviour and performance of AI systems. At Esdha, we will enrich collaboration and co-creation of processes working with your key stakeholders in policy, regulations, sales, marketing, business and tech to create AI governance strategy that is right for your organisation.

Why Esdha For Responsible AI Governance Strategy?

We Align AI Governance Strategy With Business Goals

At Esdha, we help you to create an AI governance strategy and align it with your organisation’s strategic goals to achieve scalable and responsible AI adoption. We work with your team to develop an AI governance framework and strategy to bridge the gaps in your organisation and align strategy with your organisational goals and objectives.

Data Insights

Use AI tools to carry out assessment of your people, process and technology to explore data risks.

Socio-Technical Systems

We consider the entire AI system, end to end, the social and technical dimensions of AI development and use case, and the interactions between them

Human-Centric AI Design Thinking

Co-create processes and controls to ensure compliance, manage risks, and monitor AI systems' performance and behaviour.

Medical And Healthcare Services

Fintech, Banking, and Finance

Government And Public Sector

InsurTech and Insurance

Our Experiences

Industries we work for use case discovery

With our customised service we help you create responsible AI governance for healthcare, finance, insurance and government.

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FAQ: Responsible AI Governance

The ideal time to start creating an AI governance strategy is at the early stages of your organization’s AI journey. Whether you are new to AI or already implementing AI technologies, it is crucial to proactively address the ethical and responsible use of AI. By starting early, you can ensure that AI governance principles are embedded in your organization’s processes and decision-making from the beginning. This approach helps mitigate risks, build trust, and align AI initiatives with organizational values. However, it’s never too late to start. If you haven’t begun focusing on AI governance, now is the time to prioritize it and establish a solid foundation for responsible AI adoption.

Our approach is highly customizable, ensuring that the AI governance strategy is aligned with your organisation’s specific needs, industry regulations, and ethical standards using a human-centric and socio-technical systems approach.

The timeframe is just an indication for developing an AI governance strategy. Our approach can vary depending on the complexity and specific challenges of your organisation. However, with our expertise, we can help you develop an effective strategy within a reasonable timeframe.

We provide AI governance strategy services both online and offline, tailoring the approach based on the specific needs and preferences of our clients. 

Yes, we offer ongoing support to help your organisation implement and maintain the AI governance strategy effectively. We provide guidance, training, and periodic assessments to ensure continued compliance and alignment with evolving best practices.

To get started, reach out to us for a consultation. We will assess your organisation’s needs, discuss the four-step process in detail, and outline a plan to develop and implement an AI governance strategy tailored to your organisation.

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